Chaagadha bhogadhakkaradha geyadha nottiyalampinimpugalgaagaramaadha maanasare maanisar! amthavaraagi puttalenaagiyumeno theerdhapudhe?
theeradhodam maridhumbiyaagi menkogileyaagi puttuvudhu namdhanadhoL banavaasidheshadhol”
wrote Pampa, eminent Kannada poet of the Kadamba era.

Banavasi and its surroundings are gifted with nature’s bounty. There are numerous ponds around the districts and they are filled with lotuses and water lilies. On a winter morning, when the mist is just lifting, their sight acts as a balm to the weary urban soul. Banavasi, a big village or a small town is on the banks of river Varada and has many stories to tell. It is recognised as the first capital of ancient Karnataka when the Kadamba dynasty ruled over the region from the fourth to the sixth centuries. A fifth century copper coin was discovered in Banavasi recently!
Banavasi revolves around the Madhukeshwara temple which was built in the 9th century by the Kadamba kings. The annual car festival, Mahashivaratri, Lakshadeepotsava and Navaratri are some of the main religious and traditional events celebrated according to the Hindu calendar at this temple.